numen. [NOO-min].

May 3, 2012

numen. [NOO-min], noun:

divine power, especially one who inhabits a particular object.

ok, so i know this blog has been out of commission for quite some time, but if Michael Jordan can make a comeback multiple comebacks, so can I. This word was just MUCH too appropriate to miss out on, as my fellow PT pals can attest.

the man. the myth. the legend.

3 words: Donald. A. Neumann. 

what a fitting surname.

if anyone, and i mean ANYONE in this world has divine powers, its this dude. with one flick of his perfectly manicured coiffure, students swoon (both male and female alike), nirvana is achieved, and angels sing.

his luscious mane is the epitome of his prowess– kind of like a samson and delilah type deal. the man can move mountians, while simultaneously playing guitar with the giant wooden model of a finger he hand fashioned, while reciting lines from this prophetic text:

its filled with enchantment. i promise.

as great as neumann may be in all of his glory and splendor. i think i may have joined team guy today.

cancelling a practical during finals week? doesnt get much better 

not sure whats sneakier: redheads or the french.


ambrosial. [am-BROH-zhuhl].

September 14, 2010

ambrosial \am-BROH-zhuhl\, adjective:

1. Exceptionally pleasing to taste or smell; especially delicious or fragrant.
2. Worthy of the gods; divine.


my weekend scent: Chloe.

my newest perfume purchase.  to say im obsessed is an understatement.

somewhere between the hints of tuberose, ylang-ylang, and amber, baby angels are hiding. im sure of it.

i mean, just look how adorable that bottle is.

not so ambrosial:

my weekday scent: formaldehyde

if the intensity of a smell can make your eyes water as if you were chopping 50 million onions and induce vomiting, it probably should be banished from the earth.

so, if you see me on the weekend, take it all in. on the weekdays, i leave that to your discretion.

to each his own…


shenanigan. [shuh-NAN-i-guhn].

August 30, 2010

shenanigan [shuh-NAN-i-guhn], noun:

1. Mischief; prankishness.
2. Remarks intended to deceive; deceit. Often used in the plural.

simply put kitty’s 21st birthday was a success.

blame it on the mango strawberry margaritas if you will…

but somewhere between:

being tackled to the floor by the birthday girl in the middle of mcgillicuddys, organizing and competing in a round robin tournament of full on wrestling cage matches, banging on the door at 4am to be let in after being locked out of our own house, waking up to multiple lovely messages and drawings from the boys written in permanent marker on every kitchen appliance and container of food, or scooping a dead squirrel out of our pool (that we unfortunately had to deflate because of  the “huge liability” created by the less-than-two feet of water)

…shenanigans ensued.

but, hey farva– whats that restaurant you like to go to with all that goofy shit on the walls?


yes. shenanigans.


cheechako. [chee-CHAH-koh].

August 5, 2010

cheechako. [chee-CHAH-koh], noun.

a tenderfoot, greenhorn; newcomer

yes, ladies and gentlemen, in recent, exciting news, i am now an official member of the APTA.

im so grown up.

in recent not-so-exciting news, i am now ninety dollars poorer just to be able to say that.

i feel like tiny tim and today is christmas.

i am happy because today Mr. Scrooge brought me a really exciting gift of PT journal subscriptions but deep down i know eventually that childlike excitement will wear away and i will once again come to the realization that i am but one thing:

dirt poor.

i’ll cherish this moment while it lasts. god bless us, everyone.


snuff. [SNUHF.]

July 10, 2010

snuff . [SNUHF], verb;

1. To extinguish or suppress.
2. To cut off or remove the snuff of (candles, tapers, etc.)
3. To draw in through the nose by inhaling
oh, have i EVER been snuffing these past 2 days.
yesterday morning i took the glorious sunny day off of work only to have my wisdom teeth pulled.
…what a vacation.
the day started off with me snuffing my appetite for my normal morning bowl of cheerios, and even for a tiny sip of water. i was then forced to snuff my irrational fear of needles and my screams of pain. after all, i did feel some empathy for all the 12 year olds in the office that were undergoing the same procedure as me. wouldnt have wanted to soil their footy pajamas.
as soon as i arrived home i IMMEDIATELY snuffed the swelling by fashioning a little headdressing for myself.
exhibit A:
ice headwrap
and suppressed my pain by taking solace in these little bad boys.
exhibit B:

talk about having weird dreams.

ironically after i popped my first pain killer, i turned on the tv for a 5 hour long marathon of house. the show took a whole new light. house, i feel your pain.
well, probably not, but i do understand the wonderful world of vicodin when there is pain. sorry for judging.
here is a list of other things so far that have been able to suppress my boredom:
– reading 2 books
– watching 3 movies
– cleaning my room
– pestering my dad at work every 3 minutes asking him what i can and cant do/ can and cant eat/ when hes coming home to save me from my mom who was watching tv with me and treating every show as if she was a sista watching a suspensful horror film. (sorry for being stereotypical, please reference video below)
today, im going to try to hold off on the vicodin long enough to be able to drive to get my phone fixed. my blackberry is such an essential tool to stay boredom free. wish me luck.

also, feel free to come and visit me. ice cream, slurpees, and seasons of tv shows welcome.


quintessential. [kwin-te-SEN-shel].

June 14, 2010

quintessential. [kwin-te-SEN-shel], adjective

being the most typical manifestation of a quality or a thing.

soccer: the quintessential sport of gorgeous male specimens.

frank lampard, england

fernando torres, spain

steve cherundolo, america

cristiano ronaldo, portugal.

yohann gourcuff, france

arne friedrich, germany

fabio cannavaro, italy

…i rest my case.

too bad the world cup makes soccer popular for only one month every four years in the good ol’ us of a. now i can’t be too certain, but this just might be why i am willing to wake myself up extra early and glue myself to espn.

i love to watch these striking young men strut their stuff on the field.

…oh, and they’re pretty good at soccer too.

if this isn’t incentive to move to europe, i dont know what is.


kowtow. [KOU-TOU].

June 11, 2010

kowtow. [KOU-TOU], verb,

1. To act in a subservient manner.
2. To kneel and touch the forehead to the ground in expression of deep respect, worship, or submission, as formerly done in China.

1. An act of servile deference

kowtow before us, philly.

and enjoy the parade today, chicago.