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quintessential. [kwin-te-SEN-shel].

June 14, 2010

quintessential. [kwin-te-SEN-shel], adjective

being the most typical manifestation of a quality or a thing.

soccer: the quintessential sport of gorgeous male specimens.

frank lampard, england

fernando torres, spain

steve cherundolo, america

cristiano ronaldo, portugal.

yohann gourcuff, france

arne friedrich, germany

fabio cannavaro, italy

…i rest my case.

too bad the world cup makes soccer popular for only one month every four years in the good ol’ us of a. now i can’t be too certain, but this just might be why i am willing to wake myself up extra early and glue myself to espn.

i love to watch these striking young men strut their stuff on the field.

…oh, and they’re pretty good at soccer too.

if this isn’t incentive to move to europe, i dont know what is.


kowtow. [KOU-TOU].

June 11, 2010

kowtow. [KOU-TOU], verb,

1. To act in a subservient manner.
2. To kneel and touch the forehead to the ground in expression of deep respect, worship, or submission, as formerly done in China.

1. An act of servile deference

kowtow before us, philly.

and enjoy the parade today, chicago.


fathom. [FATH-uhm].

June 7, 2010

fathom. [FATH-uhm], verb:

1. To penetrate to the truth of; comprehend; understand.
2. To measure the depth of water by means of a sounding line; sound.

i simply cannot fathom….

1) why people think its ok to wear socks with flip flops.

its not. you’re not a ninja turtle. (if you are and are reading this, my apologies. this is directed at people who have more that 2 toes)

2) pronouncing the word milk as melk

there is no “e”. as stated explicitly on the carton.

3) tattooing your body with chinese symbols.

i hope this says “im a big dumb idiot who wants to look cool”

…because thats what you are.

4) not liking the show E.R. (at least seasons 1-5)

chicago. george clooney. doctors. george clooney. drama. george clooney. i don’t know how to be any clearer.

5) acting like a mature adult.

yep. maturity just isn’t in the cards anytime soon…

there are alot of things i cant fathom. like,

how big is outer space?

how many sea creatures have we never even seen before?

who decided that pieces of paper were worth monetary values?

so if you can fathom any of these, i would really enjoy being let in on the answers.