snuff. [SNUHF.]

July 10, 2010

snuff . [SNUHF], verb;

1. To extinguish or suppress.
2. To cut off or remove the snuff of (candles, tapers, etc.)
3. To draw in through the nose by inhaling
oh, have i EVER been snuffing these past 2 days.
yesterday morning i took the glorious sunny day off of work only to have my wisdom teeth pulled.
…what a vacation.
the day started off with me snuffing my appetite for my normal morning bowl of cheerios, and even for a tiny sip of water. i was then forced to snuff my irrational fear of needles and my screams of pain. after all, i did feel some empathy for all the 12 year olds in the office that were undergoing the same procedure as me. wouldnt have wanted to soil their footy pajamas.
as soon as i arrived home i IMMEDIATELY snuffed the swelling by fashioning a little headdressing for myself.
exhibit A:
ice headwrap
and suppressed my pain by taking solace in these little bad boys.
exhibit B:

talk about having weird dreams.

ironically after i popped my first pain killer, i turned on the tv for a 5 hour long marathon of house. the show took a whole new light. house, i feel your pain.
well, probably not, but i do understand the wonderful world of vicodin when there is pain. sorry for judging.
here is a list of other things so far that have been able to suppress my boredom:
– reading 2 books
– watching 3 movies
– cleaning my room
– pestering my dad at work every 3 minutes asking him what i can and cant do/ can and cant eat/ when hes coming home to save me from my mom who was watching tv with me and treating every show as if she was a sista watching a suspensful horror film. (sorry for being stereotypical, please reference video below)
today, im going to try to hold off on the vicodin long enough to be able to drive to get my phone fixed. my blackberry is such an essential tool to stay boredom free. wish me luck.

also, feel free to come and visit me. ice cream, slurpees, and seasons of tv shows welcome.


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