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shenanigan. [shuh-NAN-i-guhn].

August 30, 2010

shenanigan [shuh-NAN-i-guhn], noun:

1. Mischief; prankishness.
2. Remarks intended to deceive; deceit. Often used in the plural.

simply put kitty’s 21st birthday was a success.

blame it on the mango strawberry margaritas if you will…

but somewhere between:

being tackled to the floor by the birthday girl in the middle of mcgillicuddys, organizing and competing in a round robin tournament of full on wrestling cage matches, banging on the door at 4am to be let in after being locked out of our own house, waking up to multiple lovely messages and drawings from the boys written in permanent marker on every kitchen appliance and container of food, or scooping a dead squirrel out of our pool (that we unfortunately had to deflate because of  the “huge liability” created by the less-than-two feet of water)

…shenanigans ensued.

but, hey farva– whats that restaurant you like to go to with all that goofy shit on the walls?


yes. shenanigans.


cheechako. [chee-CHAH-koh].

August 5, 2010

cheechako. [chee-CHAH-koh], noun.

a tenderfoot, greenhorn; newcomer

yes, ladies and gentlemen, in recent, exciting news, i am now an official member of the APTA.

im so grown up.

in recent not-so-exciting news, i am now ninety dollars poorer just to be able to say that.

i feel like tiny tim and today is christmas.

i am happy because today Mr. Scrooge brought me a really exciting gift of PT journal subscriptions but deep down i know eventually that childlike excitement will wear away and i will once again come to the realization that i am but one thing:

dirt poor.

i’ll cherish this moment while it lasts. god bless us, everyone.