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quash. [KWOSH].

April 27, 2010

quash. [KWOSH], verb;

1.(Law) To abate, annul, overthrow, or make void; as, “to quash an indictment.”
2.To crush; to subdue; to suppress or extinguish summarily and completely; as, “to quash a rebellion.”
well looks like its about that time to quash all your fun and extinguish my witty postings in the quirky blog for the semester. these
past 16 posts have been a real slice. and, i can honestly say, i learned to like blogging. and i think that other people have liked my blogging too. i’ve had over 600 hits on my blog– not too shabby for a novice writer, i’d say.
and little do many of you know, i was able to track a lot of links from facebook
so, you loyal fans. i know who you are… even if you didn’t think i knew. thanks for reading. i hope i’ve entertained you.
but there have been a few people from other word related blogs that have clicked on through to my humble little page, never leaving a comment, but a few repeat readers nonetheless. maybe we should start a club. or a support group.
this blog has really helped me realize that i really, really like to write.
not research papers.
not formal lab reports.
not press releases.
just writing in general. its almost as good as running for a stress relief. maybe after my next few years of school i’ll have enough pent up stress juggling class, work, and clinicals to write a book. keep an eye out. i’m sure it will be on the new york times bestseller list.
and as for my quirk, i’ve learned a lot of new vocabulary. duh. but its also really helped me to think on my feet, improv some thoughts based on all of these words that for the most part i’ve never really used before. and hopefully allowed me to amuse all you fine folks out there who have been reading.
….maybe i’ll keep this blog around. i haven’t decided yet. but just for the record– the logolepsy isn’t going anywhere.
so in the meantime– sayonara [sahy-uh-nahr-uh]. arriverderci.[are-eve-a-der-chi]. auf widersen. [off WEED-er-sen].
goodbye. [good-bahy].

scapegrace. [SKAYP-grayss].

April 19, 2010

scapegrace. [SKAYP-grayss]. noun,

1. a reckless, unprincipled person; one who is wild and reckless; a rascal; a scoundrel.

leroy, spawn of satan

this, ladies and gentlemen, is the face of pure evil.

leroy, deception as an innocent cat.

his name is leroy. don’t let him deceive you with his innocent little fluffy sleeping head. i promise you one day this little rapscallion will prove to you just as he has to me that there is no worse thing than a cat living amongst you.

…also, sometimes he pees on your clean laundry. filthy.


tiger. [tahy-ger].

April 9, 2010
tiger, [tahy-ger], noun:
1.a large, carnivorous, tawny-colored and black-striped feline, Panthera tigris, of Asia, ranging in several races from India and the Malay Peninsula to Siberia: the entire species is endangered, with some races thought to be extinct.
2.the cougar, jaguar, thylacine, or other animal resembling the tiger.
3. a person resembling a tiger in fierceness, courage, etc.
4. an additional cheer (often the word tiger) at the end of a round of cheering.
5. a cold, impassive, emotionless golf prodigy. inclined to repeatedly commit adultery.
..sorry im not sorry for picking on tiger. this commercial. really?
not only do we get the morbid factor from having to hear your deceased father posthumously chastise you for being cheating scum, but we also see that you have no emotion or the appearance of any real remorse with this tv spot.
shame on you, tiger. (and shame on you too, nike)

indefatigable. [in-dih-FAT-ih-guh-bul].

April 9, 2010

indefatigable [in-dih-Fat-ih-guh-bul], adjective:

incapable of being fatigued, not readily exhausted; untiring; unwearying; not yielding to fatigue.

indefatigable. sounds like a super power.

and not a useless one like “the power to see through invisible objects”  or ” the ability to grow your fingernails” (ahem, meg griffin). no, no, its much more than that.  its a power that i would probably be willing to do unspeakable things for.

for the life of me i cannot even begin imagine never being tired– i have an easier time trying to imagine tiger woods showing genuine human emotion than thinking of a time when i couldn’t have used just a teensy-weensy a power nap to re-energize myself. not that i’m constantly dragging my feet and dozing off at every chance i get because i’m sleep deprived, i regularly get the recommended 6 to 8 hours a night. but how nice would it be to never have to wake up in the morning, cursing your alarm clock and busy schedule to let you succumb to just one more hour— or even 5 more minutes of sleep?

indeed, a superpower that would revolutionize the ages.

so many more hours of the day. i can’t even imagine what i could do with all the time that would have been wasted in sleep. however, sitting here at work, i’ve compiled a list of things that i could do if i never got tired.

1) secure a spot in the guinness book of world records.

guinness world records

i could be in for going the longest time without sleep. that would be one item checked off the bucket list. (although if i had the ability to grow my fingernails i could be in there for that too– so this ones not that special)

2) finish an entire game of monopoly in one sitting.


i’ve never been able to do it. i just don’t have the attention span or mental stamina to complete an entire game. but maybe if i never got tired, id never get tired of playing. its a stretch, but as long as i’m the thimble i think it can be achieved.

3) run a marathon.

boston marathon winner

i’ve done a half. but let me tell you, by the end of those long , boring 13.1 miles, i was extremely tired. but if i were never tired, 26.2 would be a breeze. Boston here i come.

4) win a dance marathon.

it's always sunny dance marathon

if the gang can dance their asses off, so can i. realistically, i think i could do this even now, sans indefatigability. i’m a dancin’ machine. i may not dance well, but i dance. but if i never got tired, i’d be a lock on the dance marathon title. all while helping out a charity– my imaginary, indefatigable self is such a philanthropist

5) fly to australia and not be jet lagged.


the duration of the flight is approximately 20 hours and 35 minutes. crikey. but for me, not a problem, id get off that plane feeling as fresh and chipper as i did when i boarded. no surfing or kangaroos missed to lack of sleep.

i’m sure there’s a lot of other things i could do with my unfailing energy.

i could read war and peace, but that doesn’t necessarily mean i’d understand all its underlying themes and motifs.

i could probably half my time in doing a rubiks cube, meaning it would only take me half of a lifetime instead of a full life time.

i could rewatch the entire series of ER, all 15 seasons, not that ive ever done THAT before…

ah, to be indefatigable girl.

super hero

…i bet i’d have a really cool super hero outfit.


megrim. [MEE-grim].

April 7, 2010

megrim [MEE-grim], noun:

1. A migraine.
2. A fancy; a whim.
3. In the plural: lowness of spirits — often with ‘the’.

started off today with a migraine that resulted in an epistaxis that resulted in a ruined tshirt.

at least i don’t sound like the breathing kid anymore…

now that all that has subsided, i’m feeling much better. which is always a good sign. and in my new, cheerful mood (which is  surprising considering this dismal weather), i accepted an offer to go to the cubs home opener this monday. did so on quite the whim, seeing as i’m a sox fan. but a day spent in the (predicted) warm weather in the wonderful city of chicago at a baseball game is never a waste– even if it is on the wrong side of town.

chicago baseball

i just hope my uncles don’t find out and give me grief about it.

im not going to even tackle this last definition. all im going to say is that if this word is progressing like my day, i will inevitably end up with low spirits tonight. but thats not likely. i just got a new book and a fresh new starbucks gift card– and if you know anything about me, nothing can put me in a bad mood if im reading with a warm drink in hand (note: refer to last post)

unless im reading physics. but that doesn’t count. because no one likes reading physics.


land of nod. [land-uhv-NOD].

April 6, 2010

land of Nod [land-uhv-NOD], noun:

A mythical land of sleep

if there was ever a day that i wish i could spend in a mythical land of sleep, today would be it.

its not dry, but its not rainy– its misty

its not hot, but its not cold- its drafty

its not dark, but the suns not shining- its dreary

its a misty, drafty, dreary day. and i have a cold that makes me sound like the breathing kid from “hey arnold” that helga always punches in the face.

breathing kid "brainy"

yep. thats the one.

its not that i haven’t gotten enough sleep over this easter break, because believe me, i had the same sleep habits as a 90 year old woman. its just that days like these beg to me to curl up with a cup of tea, grab a good book (i just got one in my easter basket actually, and ironically enough, it has to do with mythology, maybe it will mention nod?), and snuggle under the covers until forever.

butler losing last night also doesn’t help my case. i just feel so bad for that adorable gordon hayward that i think i should take a personal day of mourning for him. my mom wasn’t so keen on the idea, and illustrated her point by reminding me that said “personal days” cost around $180. i guess gordon will just have to grieve without me. i hope he makes it through.

whats even more mythical than a land of sleep on this day is the fact that my older brother is up in milwaukee and offering to take me and my younger brother out to dinner. never thought i’d see the day. i guess having a real job makes fantasy a reality. and it gives me a good excuse to not give in to the urge to sink into my ever so comfortable bed until tomorrow.


hugger-mugger. [HUH-guhr-muh-guhr].

April 1, 2010

hugger-mugger [HUH-guhr-muh-guhr], noun:

1. A disorderly jumble; muddle; confusion.
2. Secrecy; concealment.

1. Confused; muddled; disorderly.
2. Secret.

1. In a muddle or confusion.
2. Secretly.

transitive verb:
1. To keep secret.

intransitive verb:
1. To act in a secretive manner.

perfect. word.

53 e-mails. 10 phone calls. 4 meetings. 3 forms. 5 substitutions.

thats what it took in this past week and a half to sort out the jumble of a mess that is my senior schedule.

…and thats just first semester.

this hugger-mugger of a situation resulted in the most stressful stint of my life at marquette (well, maybe tied with my semester of physics II, but at least with that i knew what i was getting myself into).  you’d think a senior schedule would be a more or less a “blow-off” list of classes tying together the loose ends and providing ample time for shenanigans and senioritis before bidding au revoir to milwaukee come may.

i wish. my next semester consists of 21– count them, t-w-e-n-t-y-o-n-e– credit hours. the 2 science courses complete with labs are the least of my worries. here’s the kicker– class on saturday morning. 8am to noon. sick.

looks like i’ll be hitting the books harder than the jersey shore cast hits the gym. instead of au revoir to milwaukee, it looks like au revoir to a social life for a little while. better cherish it while i can.

on the other hand, during this past week it has been no secret as to what my feelings are regarding this scheduling hullabaloo. in an effort to keep this blog classroom appropriate, i won’t share any key phrases i had become a fan of using during these past couple days, but just know, i was not a happy camper

fail at hugger mugger definition #2.

multiple occasions i swore i was going to rebel, pack my bags, and make like frenchi in grease.

luckily i have a little frankie avalon on my side called  “common sense.” (and the thought of the wrath of susan reardon).

all scheduling woes aside, i’m actually a little bit excited to start out fresh as a senior, ill only have 2 more comm classes to finish and i will be diving headfirst into my 1st year of pt school.

is gross anatomy really gross? well maybe to some, but i have been waiting for a cadaver ever since i have gotten to school. if i don’t join my post-mortem friends by the end of the semester, i’ll give myself a hand.

cadaver hand

oh, come on, everyone likes a pun.

morbid? maybe. funny? definitely.